Best Tips to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Getting your ex back is much simpler than you think. By learning from love gurus and others that have been able to get their ex girlfriend back or even from those that failed miserably, we are able to determine what works and what doesn’t. There are even systems that offer how to get your ex girlfriend back tips that seemingly work for everyone, such as Text Your Ex Back.

Let’s look at the top 5 tips to help you get your ex back.

1. Give Her Space

One of the mistakes guys make is to not give her the space she needs. You need to let the anger of the breakup fade before trying to contact her. This may take a few days or weeks or even more in some cases. Once you give her space, she will begin to miss you and what the two of you had together.

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2. Text Her

Following point one, you will want to break the ice by reaching out to her. This is done best through texting. With a text, you will come off as less threatening and it will be much easier than talking to her on the phone.
The text you send should be something thoughtful and sincere. You don’t want to just say hey or, would you like to go on a date?

You need to be thoughtful and choose the right moment. Perhaps she is performing on stage and you want to wish her luck before her big debut. You can even follow up and ask how the show went. These are the moments that will show you are thoughtful and thinking about her.

3. Focus on Positive Moments

Remembering the past is a good thing as long as the memories are positive. You don’t want to keep bringing up the time you kissed her best friend in hopes that you two will get back together. Instead, you can mention the time the two of you kissed on the pier overlooking the water as the sun went down. Trying to bring back positive old memories is acceptable, but bringing up bad memories is a big no-no if you want to learn how to get your ex back fast.

4. Never Blame Her

The blame game is for grade school. If you want to be with her, take responsibility for your actions and offer a sincere apologize. Oftentimes, men will start to blame their ex for what caused the breakup when it was their fault. If she was truly in the wrong, do not take blame, rather let her come to terms with reality and see if she actually says sorry.

5. Be a Friend

Sometimes, you will follow all the tips to get your ex back and never truly succeed. The final tip I have for you is to be a friend to her. Be there for her when times in her life are hard and when she needs you. The goal is to be great friends that realize just how much they love each other. If you can’t be friends, you will find that your relationship will ultimately fail as a result.